Dr. Vladimíra Glatzová Clients don't need a lawyer who's looking for problems. They need a lawyer who works with them to solve their problems.

About us
JUDr. Vladimíra Glatzová
Founding partner Expert on corporate law, M&A.

Jiří Sixta Our determination, commitment and enthusiasm to serve our clients starts with our partners.

About us
Mgr. Jiří Sixta
Partner since 2008 Expert on M&A, general commercial law, pharmacy and labour law.

Dr. Martin Dančišin We always adapt our approach to each client's expectations.

About us
JUDr. Martin Dančišin
Partner since 2009 Expert on restructuring and insolvency, real estates, banking & finance

Jindřich Král Finding a solution is not enough. The solution also needs to be communicated to a client in plain language and on time.

About us
Mgr. Jindřich Král
Partner since 2013 Expert on corporate law, restructuring, general commercial law, etc…

Dr. Libor Němec Ph.D. To understand a client's question is not enough. We always want to understand why a client is asking the question.

About us
JUDr. Libor Němec Ph.D.
Partner since 2015 Expert on banking & finance, dispute agenda, financial markets regulations.

Mgr. Erik Kolan, LL.M. Eur. Clients aren't looking to hear what the law
says. What they're looking for is advice
on what to do.

About us
Mgr. Erik Kolan, LL.M. Eur.
Partner since 2018 Špecializácia na správne právo, vrátane správneho súdnictva, energetika (OZE), nehnuteľnosti, bankovníctvo a finančníctvo

Mgr. Jan Veselý Chladná hlava, rozum v hrsti a konstruktivní myšlení.

About us
Mgr. Jan Veselý
Partner od roku 2019 Specialista na fúze & akvizice, energetiku, spornou agendu a obecné obchodněprávní poradenství.

Mgr. Veronika Pázmányová Neříkat, že se něco nedá, ale nacházet způsoby, jak to spravit.

About us
Mgr. Erik Kolan, LL.M. Eur.
Partner od roku 2020 Specialista na fúze & akvizice, pracovní právo, spornou agendu a obecné obchodněprávní poradenství.

We operate in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

We have also had an office in Slovakia since 2008. Because of the close collaboration between our office in Bratislava and our headquarters in Prague, we can provide our clients with one law firm that provides the same high-quality, coordinated legal services in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



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Glatzová & Co. advised the GreatStar Group

Glatzová & Co. advised the GreatStar Group, one of the world's largest hand tool manufacturers on the acquisition of the Behrens Group, focused on manufacturing and selling professional fastening…