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The increasing globalisation of the economy has made competition law a rapidly evolving, essential field in doing cross-border business. Antitrust authorities in developed countries are vigilant in maintaining healthy competition in their markets, and may levy stiff sanctions again any violation of competition rules. And ever-increasing fines reflect this vigilance. This means competition law is an important issue not only for multinationals but also for medium-sized companies during mergers and acquisitions.

The risk of sanctions from antitrust authorities can be prevented by setting clear rules for the everyday behaviour of selected employees. Corporations need to be putting more effort into creating clear guidelines, training staff and conducting audits. Our lawyers know exactly what needs to be done to ensure compliance and can prepare appropriate rules and training individually tailored to our clients. This has repeatedly proven to be far more cost-effective than being investigated by antitrust authorities and risking sanctions.

Where prevention fails, we are ready to promptly and effectively react, assess the situation and propose the best solutions. In the case of unexpected dawn raids, in particular, getting prompt practical advice based on our knowledge of the antitrust authorities within the first few minutes of a dawn raid is invaluable for the outcome of the proceedings.

Equally, we know how to defend the rights of clients when authorities intervene without justified reasons. We have a good record of successful cases, including a protracted dispute to return the highest fine imposed by the Czech Anti-Monopoly Office in its history. We can also help companies protect themselves against unfair behaviour by competitors.

Our services

  • obtaining anti-trust clearance for mergers from the Czech Anti-Monopoly Office
  • resolving disputes related to abuse of a dominant position
  • assessing admissibility of public subsidies and obtaining the required exemptions
  • advising on legal issues in connection with cartel agreements, including block exemptions
  • appraising the admissibility of agreements with respect to anti-trust rules
  • assisting with applications for immunity under the leniency programme
  • representing clients in proceedings before the Czech Anti-Monopoly Office and the European Commission


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