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Glatzova & Co.'s team, led by Jan Veselý, provided ČSOB with legal advice on the creation of a joint venture with the Mall Group. The joint venture, under the MallPay brand, is already operating a service of the same name, which offers postponed payments when making online purchases. After ČSOB's entry and planned integration of MallPay into a ČSOB payment gateway, e-shop customers will be gradually offered other forms of financing, insurance, investments and other related products. MallPay, which was created at the end of last year within the Mall group, has Adam Koles as its CEO. CSOB's capital participation in the joint venture has yet to be sanctioned by the antitrust authority. The team lead by Jan Veselý provided ČSOB with the preparation of comprehensive legal documentation defining both the creation of the joint venture itself and the rules for its future functioning and management. ________________________________________________ Partners Vladimíra Glatzová and Jan Veselý provided complex legal services to David Rusňák in connection with the sale of his 35% share in the investment group DRFG to PVF Invest controlled by Pavel Vyhnálek and attorney Pavel Fráňa. The transaction comprised negotiating the terms of the sale, settling the current investment in DRFG’s reality division and creating a new management model for the group in which both shareholders are represented. In addition to Pavel Vyhnálek and Pavel Fráňa, the group’s management will consist of DRFG’s current key directors Břetislav Hrabě (Director of Financial Distribution), Roman Řezníček (Director of Telecommunication Business), and Juraj Černička, (Director for Finance and Regulation). DRFG’s asset value exceeded CZK 7 billion in 2018 with close to CZK 4 billion in sales.


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